Sunday, 21 May 2017

Setback, Stop, Reset and Re-plan

OK, I haven't been in the mood to write in this Blog......I have now suffered a major set back..Before starting this Blog, I suffered an injury to my Ankle, with probable ligament damage. I thought that it had been sorted out, but now feel that the amount of mileage that we have done this year, has not done me any favours. The up shot is that after trying a 50 miler and failing miserably, Paula and myself have deferred our London to Brighton places till next year. Paula has also been suffering with hip flexor problems... I feel that all the time spent this year has been wasted, all the early mornings and tired thats the setback.

Here are the last long runs through April that we did.......

long run 1st April 2017 - press this link

Long run with Paula April 7th 2017- press to watch

15th April 2017 Run

Long Run 29th April 2017

Now the Stop, which is exactly that, or it probably should be.... but for those that know me, know that isn't going to happen. So its been back to cycling and swimming, and not much running.....I am actually enjoying the variation. Paula has got back into cycling and swimming with a view to participating in a triathlon that she deferred last year after fracturing her toe. For me it is just pain free ticking over.

So thats it for now.

Will post about the reset and possibly the Re-plan next time.

Look after yourself, whatever you are training for......