Friday, 27 January 2017

Kit research..........Warm but light

Its gotta be warm but also light...............

So as I will be carrying everything that I need for the 6 marathons, the equipment will as it was in desert, as light as possible. The challenge this time is the low temparatures, particularly at night. So my theory based on my past military experience is layering. Starting with my sleeping system, Im staying with my sleeping bag that i used on the MDS, just to save money. It was a 2-3 season bag, so I plan to use THERMOLITE  REACTOR PLUS liner which adds 11 degrees to a bag, which will make it a 4 seasons bag without adding much weight.

Next on my list is the sleep mat... My MDS mat took up alot of space, so i wanted one that could be rolled up and stowed on the underneath of my Ultrabag. The Static V2 sleep mat weighs 480g, inflates to a depth of 6.5 cm and cradles the body whilst sleeping and rolls up nicely underneath the ultrabag. The only thing that is abit of a negative is the insulation value, but may be able to up this by having a survival blanket in between the mat and my sleeping bag.

                                                         Static v2 sleep mat

London to Brighton..May 2017

So this event is my one DNF and need to get it ticked off my list.... The last time I attempted it, I was in a lot pain with my back and pulled out at 50 miles.. A big regret for me, but on a plus side, I am pretty sure that I won't voluntarily pull out of an event ever again. Also this time, I have the added bonus of having my fiancĂ©e Paula to run with. I have completed the distance since my last London to Brighton event. I completed The Stour valley path 100km in 2014.
The training plan is to do time on our feet rather than running set distances... I feel this will put us under less pressure

Time Targets:
4.5 hours by the end of January 2017
6 hours by the end of February 2017
8 hours by the end of March 2017
10 hours by the end of April 2017

Paula and me did 4hrs 09mins on January 20th 2017...... unfortunately today, which is the 27th January 2017, Ive picked up an injury on my left achilles. I did a fastish( for me) run 3 days ago..6 miles in 46mins. So that in addition to step aerobics and a spin session, I think has contibuted. So Paula has gone out for a 13 miler, whilst ive come into work and ultrasounded  and Rocktaped myself. I feel frustrated but know running is not a good thing to do at the moment.

For those interested in the treatments ive used on myself, Press the links

                                                             Rock Tape

                                                       Therapeutic ultrasound

                                                              Enjoy ya Day  

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Fire + Ice Ultra 2018

So this is what ive signed up to...... Its the equivalent of 6 marathons in 5 days...same distance as MDS (Marathon Des Sable), but 1 less day to do it in... I will have to carry everything that i require for the duration of the race.... so food, sleeping stuff and clothes etc. The training starts now... well actually it started in early November. The reason being is that Paula and me have also entered the London to Brighton 100km in May 2017.

Long runs so far:

Time on feet Run with Paula

  • 13.4mi
  • 2:41:04
     Moving Time
  • 11:58/mi

Morning Run- time on feet xc with Paula

  • 15.1mi
  • 3:13:24
     Moving Time

  • 12:47/mi

Snowy time on feet Morning Run with Paula

  • Photo
  • Photo
  • Photo
  • Photo
  • Photo
  • 16.4mi

  •   12:49/mi

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

New Year's Day and a new adventure

Happy New year all....... Well it is time to sign up for another race on my bucket list.... So Fire and Ice 2018 it is.

This race looks amazing...... Bit different from MDS..

Here's a quick trailer